Thursday, July 07, 2011


Random conversations my 3-year-old has engaged me in recently:

1. "Mommy, we live on the Earth. We can't live on Mars. Maybe we can live on the moon. THEN we'd live in SPACE!"

2. "Hey Mommy? Can we go to Heaven and see Jesus? (me: What's in Heaven, do you know?) Toys... probably fireworks... and lots of Cars 2 toys."

3. *starts laughing out of nowhere* (Me: What's so funny?) "I just saw a man sitting on a TOILET. That's so gross!" (Note: we were sitting in the car in the H.ut parking lot waiting for my husband to meet us for lunch when he said this. With no toilets in sight.)


We had an awesome 4th of July weekend/day. We spent the 3rd with my husband's side of our family, swimming and eating lots of BBQ'd food! We spent the 4th on my side of our family, eating more BBQ'd food and being so close to a fireworks display that we had to tilt our head back to see them! It was fun and relaxing to be around our families.


Dylan has had a really bad rash on his little bottom lately. I *think* it's from trying to switch him from older baby/toddler formula to regular milk, but I can't be sure. Whatever it was, it has blistered his bottom. I've tried all the tricks I know-- different kinds of butt pastes, Bur.t's Be.e's powder, Aquaphor, Neosporin (at one point it was actually bleeding.) Nothing but time and extra care is really helping that much. So I've been making sure to change him as often as I can, re-apply whatever ointment I'm using at the moment, and let his little booty breathe the air for a while.


In other sicky news, a summer cold plagued our household for about a week, first taking out little M... then making its way to Dylan (he's still a bit coughy), then hitting my husband, and finally hitting me. I'm still sick, but the guys are much better. PS: Mommies should be exempt from the germ sharing. We have enough to do.


In Dylan's-picking-some-stuff-up news, he learned to suck through a straw and hold his own bottle. He's also figuring out the sippy cup, although he's not a total fan yet. He will also sit on his own for at least a minute before he crashes to the ground! Sometimes longer. That's pretty big for us, considering he's the king of I'm Not Doing This when it comes to sitting. I'm trying to teach him how to sit up and/or pull up in his crib, just to give him something better to do when he's sitting in his crib NOT but he hasn't caught on quite yet.

He's also growing some of his back teeth right now. No fun. :( He's up to 7 teeth now.


Little M is going to start preschool in August. Well, it's a daycare technically, but it's run just like preschool with curriculum and everything. (It's run by retired teachers.) They have a 3-year-old class and a 4-year-old class. He will be 4 on August 30th, and the cut-off birthdate for our public school to enroll your preschooler is September 1st... so if I put him in regular preschool right now (which I technically could), he'd be the very youngest in his class. Considering how he is just now really getting the hang of the potty business, and considering he has never been in daycare (he was with a babysitter for the first 2 years of his life, and he stayed with my mother-in-law this last school year), therefore he doesn't know how to line up, sit in a circle, or have the world NOT be all about him... we figured the 3-year-old class would be best for him. Now, this does not obligate me to NOT send him to Kindergarten the next year if I feel that's what's best for him... and it doesn't obligate me TO send him to K the next year. It pretty much frees me up to do whatever I feel is best. Which I like. Because I like being in charge. ;)

Anyway, back to his school. We went to tour the place a few days ago... little M was SO excited. He loved the play centers and the playground. He loved it so much that he didn't want to leave! Which prompted him to have a wall-eyed fit right in front of the director. *sigh*... well, you can't say my guy won't love school, at least! (And, it kinda confirmed to me that he really, REALLY needs another year to grow up before structured school.)

Picture time!
Dylan Thomas, after he tried a bite or two of chili-cheese fries!

James Michael, pausing for a quick photo-op.

James Michael, being a perfect little angel!

Dylan Thomas, getting tickled by his mommy.