Friday, August 05, 2011

I am alive

...just in case you were wondering. ;)

School's going to start pretty soon (as in, 2 weeks from today), so I've just been trying to soak in the home-with-my-babies-ness while I can.

We haven't done anything in particular... haven't gone anywhere (hubby's busiest season at work is the summer time). We've just been home (mostly inside, because if you haven't heard, it's hotter than Satan's hot tub out there!), enjoying each other.

I have gotten some things accomplished this summer-- 1. Dylan can hold his own bottle now. He can also say something that sounds very similar to "NICE TOUCHES" because he hears that 23049823049238 times a day. (Anybody else's kid claw their face off for no apparent reason? Because mine does.) 2. Little Michael is completely potty trained (but I cannot promise his teacher that he will NOT come out of the bathroom completely naked asking for assistance with wiping.) 3. I've kept us alive all summer. That wasn't easy. Do you realize that our grocery bill DOUBLES in the summer?? Suddenly, trying to feed 4 people breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks every day requires a second mortgage on your home or something.

In more boring news about us, we FINALLY dumped cable and switched to Dire.ct.v and A.t&t wireless internet. The dire.ct.v is already going... the internet will be up and running next week. Did you know that out of the month of July, my cable internet worked maybe TWO DAYS? Out of 31. I'm no mathematician... but that's not a very good working/not working ratio. And for that they were wanting about $50 a month (that doesn't include the actual cable tv service).

In children-are-getting-huge news, Dylan had his 18 month well-child checkup the other day. (Yes, I know he's 19 months old, but I wouldn't be ME if I were actually on time with one of these things.) He weighs 21 lbs 14 oz, and is 30 inches tall. My big guy. :) Little M went ahead and had his 4 year well-child check too, since we were there (although he couldn't get his pre-k booster shot because he's not quite 4 yet)... they checked his vision (20/10 vision!), he peepeed in a cup for the first time, and the doctor gave him FOUR SUCKERS. (She said, and I quote, "He's not going home with me, so I don't care." lol) He weighs 37.5 lbs and was 3 ft 5 inches tall.

SOOO, I'm going to start decorating my classroom next week. That'll be fun. Except I have no budget, so a lot of my stuff will be homemade, but who cares? They're first graders.... they'll love it! ;)

I made a picture thingie with several pictures of my guys to go in my classroom. Last year I didn't have ANY pictures of my kids hanging in my room at all. (We won't mention that it was because I had well over 2,000 pictures on my computer waiting to be printed. *whistles*) This year will be different. I also want to make a sign that says "The nearest thing to Heaven is a child." and some other cutesie things like that.

Anyway, yeah... another no-picture-post. Sorry. I know it's boring, but so is waiting for the pictures to upload on the computer... and so is not having internet access 94% of the time. Pictures one day. Promise. :)