Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can I just show you...

...little Michael's school picture?!! OH. MY. GOSH.

This is probably illegal, but I didn't scan it...just took a pic of it with my phone. So eh... come cuff me. Free health care in the jails. :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

yup, still alive

...not that anybody reads.

I was without internet (other than my phone) for over a month, simply because my internet provider was being...what's the word... douche-y?

But all's well now.

Little Michael started preschool in August. He also turned 4 at the end of August. Preschool is... well, he's getting used to it. He had a hard time adjusting to not getting to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted at first. He had never been in ANY daycare situation before. He stayed with a babysitter for his first two years, then stayed home with me for 8 months, then stayed with his grandma last school year. He's never had to sit on a carpet, stand in a line, eat when someone said so (instead of when he wanted to), take a nap when someone said so (instead of when he felt ready for one)... he has been raised in a very much child-led home. (That's the parenting style that comes most naturally to me.) So, needless to say, sitting on a carpet, standing in a line, eating when someone told him to, napping when someone told him to... NOT playing with all these un-played-with toys sitting around... didn't go over well with him at first. He loves school, don't get me wrong... he just didn't understand why he didn't get to rule the roost. But he has conformed pretty well, and I'm only sometimes getting reports otherwise.

I'm getting used to the role of "parent" in that whole "parent/teacher" dynamic. It is much tougher than I realized, and it has taught me A LOT about communication with my parents.

Dylan Thomas is just the same ol' guy as always. He still is not doing anything new. Nobody seems to know why. Some people's opinions are that he's lazy (I don't think so... if he could get up and play with his brother, he so would, I think.) and some people opine that he's just "made like that." (Dr. S.) But none of that gets him any closer to sitting up, crawling, walking. Right now, he's sick. He has croup, laryngitis, and a raw spot on his nose (from wiping it so much, probably) that Dr. S is concerned about contracting MRSA. (She's very worried about MRSA. Any little booboo = MRSA breeding ground, in her eyes.) He can say "there dada"... or something pretty similar... while he's pointing at his daddy. He still won't say "mama".. when you ask him to, he'll sign it, then point at me, but he won't say it. He has learned to shake hands, and loves to dance (the best he can from his back). I talked to Dr. Solitario about his lumbar spine, because my mom said it looked strange, and she figured that if there was an abnormality, they would have found it when they did all the x-rays from when he was first born and had duodenal atresia. But I will probably insist he gets an x-ray, just to totally rule anything out there.

School is going well. I had 27 little first graders in my class for about 3.5 weeks, and other than nobody having any room to breathe, it actually was fine... they are good kids. But they finally got a 1st/2nd split teacher, and I lost 3 students to that. I'm excited about getting those kiddos reading.

I have not blogged in so long for a couple of reasons. One reason had to do with no internet on my computer (typing on my phone's not fun). The other had to do with not wanting to. I feel like I say the same things over and over again. I've never seen a blog of a baby almost 2 who still can't sit up. I've never felt so alone on this journey. Nobody really understands, or if they do, I don't feel like they do. I don't get many comments. So I wonder, why waste time? Will I continue blogging? I don't know. Maybe.

No pictures again... I haven't even touched my computer for a month, so I haven't uploaded any. But I have pics of little M's two birthday parties and just some everyday life pics on there.

How are you? :)