Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dylan, In His Own Time

{Adapted from Ruby In Her Own Time by Jonathan Emmett}

Once upon a time in a home in Oklahoma, there stayed two parents- a mommy parent and a daddy parent. They were patiently awaiting the arrival of their second son. "Will he ever come?" asked the daddy parent. "He will," said the mommy parent, "in his own time."

And he did.

"He's very small," said the mommy parent. "Will he ever grow?"
"He will," said the daddy parent. "In his own time."

And he did.

Well, this baby boy, he had a little something extra to him. And that little something extra made it harder for him to hit milestones that other babies hit. His parents worried and worried. His therapists doubted the parents were trying very hard to help him get stronger. Frustrated, his mommy and daddy cried out,
"Will he EVER even SIT UP?!"
"He will," said anybody who had been-there-done-that, "in his own time."
And guess what?

He did! By himself!



Wren said...

Yay Dylan!!!! What a great job and a lot of hard work!!!

Courtney said...

GAH! Where's your mascara alert, Amy?!

Yay, Dylan!! Great job, little man!

Kate said...

Fantastic! WTG, Dylan!

Jenny said...

That so exciting!!!!!!! Yaay Dylan!!! This was very beautiful to read Amy.

Erin said...


Amym this post was so beautiful. i Love the way you revealed the BIG NEWS! :)

Julie said...

Hi Amy!

Talk about yummy boys - you clearly have 2 of the yummiest!!

Amy said...

Found you from the blog hop- and this post is ADORABLE!! Love it!! :)

B's Mom said...

Love it!

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