Thursday, December 29, 2011


Dear Dylan,

Today you are two. Two years ago, I was only 37 weeks pregnant. Two years ago, I had a routine OB appointment that was pretty status quo. Two years ago, I had a non-stress test, which was also typical. Two years ago, happenstance kept me on the monitor a little longer than I was supposed to be on there, which was a blessing since it caught your heartrate dipping down very low. Two years ago, I almost got sent to Oklahoma City in an ambulance, but the sweet nurse talked the doctor into letting us drive up there instead. Two years ago, I showed up at the hospital at about 5:45PM and had you at 6:37PM. Two years ago, I looked at you for the first time, and I knew you. Two years ago, I fell in love with you. Two years ago, you started the journey to change our lives and our hearts forever. We will never be the same people we were ever again, all because you made your appearance. Two years ago today.

The day.

One year later.

Two years later.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


"Some people make me feel like such a retard!" --an acquaintance on facebook.

Dear facebook acquaintance,

I'm very sorry someone has made you feel stupid. (I assume that's what you meant, yes?) I hate it when people make me feel that way.

But, without realizing it, by NOT wanting to feel like a "retard," you are actually selling yourself short. You see, without fluffy and silly generalizations, people with intellectual disabilities are neat people. They're eager to learn, eager to please, and they try harder than anyone. They think things through more thoroughly (even if those thoughts are simple), they use the common sense they've worked so hard to acquire, and they CARE about people's feelings. When they are passionate about something, it becomes something they are bound and determined to master. Their accomplishments are monumental. Ever met a person with an intellectual disability who is judgmental? Me neither. Their capacity to love is beyond anything you can ever imagine.

They're magic, facebook acquaintance.

Are you SURE you have thought this through, facebook acquaintance? I think it would be awesome if you would learn that "retard" doesn't equal "idiot".....not by a long shot. If you truly understood what you said, you'd know what a blessing it would be if you were more like "them."


Friday, December 16, 2011

Catch up

... which, in all honesty about my accent, probably sounds more like Ketchup.

So, what all has happened in the last month and 1/2? Um... this, that, the other.

The kids are doing fine.

Dylan is strengthening all his newfound skills. He's crawling a ton now... dare I say, more than he army crawls and rolls. He pulls up on things to his knees, or what his therapist likes to call "high knees," and of course it makes me giggle when she says that because I'm 12. He has a new word- no. Not just no, but "no no no no no no no!" It sounds a bit more like "na," but his facial expression and the shaking of his little finger gets his point across. He's also FINALLY figured out the word "mama," although it's still used mostly when he's hungry. So, if anybody's keeping count (I'm not even REALLY keeping count), that makes Dada, Mama, and no. Also, when you say, "Dylan, do you have poop?" He'll wave his hand back and forth by his diaper and say "shhhhhew"...Cuteness. And when you say "cut the pickle!" he'll put his two index fingers together and gear himself up for you to cut the pickle then tickle him. I love that look-- that "I know you're going to tickle me, and it already tickles just thinking about it" look. He gets that from me, for sure.

Little Michael was in his first school Christmas play. He was an angel. A super cute angel, at that.

I have video, too... but I also have the slowest computer known to man. So I don't think it will upload.

He made a ton of Christmas decorations for us at school. They are very creative there! I felt lucky because we have an art teacher at my school, and she made ornaments with them... this was good news, because I couldn't think of anything creative to do. But next year, we might make Rudolphs out of clothes pins or dog treats.

We all had colds for a while that started out as head colds and went to chest colds. I was sick for a week, but I still went to work because I'm a glutton for punishment, of course. Little m's wasn't ever terrible. Dylan probably got the sickest out of all of us... his included puking his little guts out.

But we're all on the mend now, although big M is starting to lose his voice... *aw, darn!*

Dylan had a genetics appointment at the beginning of December (just a yearly thing we do). He saw the Physician's Assistant, and she was proooobably 6 years younger than I am. I don't like that. The visit was fairly fruitless... although she did order bloodwork to keep an eye on his thyroid levels and such. They came back normal, so that's fabulous. She said next year she'll order xrays to check his neck and back. She also said he still has fluid in his ears, so I guess we'll speak to his ped about a referral to an ENT doctor. While we were in OpenHomaCity (I love that it's still how little M says it), we checked out the completed construction at OU Children's. It looks amazing!! I love how connected the physician's building and the hospital are now. I love the waterfall inside. Michael and I agreed that if it had been all completed and as calm and non-construction-y during our NICU stay as it was during our recent visit, maybe things would have felt a little less stressful and hectic. But, it is what it is.

The cold weather reminds me of that time still.

I have a ton of Christmas wrapping to do.

I'm on Christmas vacation til January 3rd. I really need the sleep.

I uploaded pictures from my camera for the first time since May. Oops! Lots of fun pictures on there.

I think that pretty much catches (ketches?) you up on us. What's new with you?