Wednesday, December 19, 2012

And just like that....

My bambino is now enrolled in preschool. He starts January 7th. :( and :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Don't mess with the QOTW.

So, my oldest son is now in Kindergarten.

Wait, say what?! I thought you held him back and had him do a second year of preschool?! (Said no blog reader.... Just go with me, folks, k?)

As you may know, my son was attending a private preschool for the second year in a row... A rather pricey little place that we felt was the best place for him. It had small classes, an experienced teacher that ran the thing.. The works.

Until I picked up my son one Friday afternoon and found out that the experienced preschool teacher had been making fun of my son and his speech. (He has a habitual stammer... And can I just throw in that it has nearly disappeared since I pulled him? Hmm.) Comments were made like "he's not right in the head" and "there's something wrong with him."

No, there's something wrong with YOU, lady, for saying such things! If you've never met little Michael, you truly are missing out on a funny (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not), intelligent, sweet little boy (with an ornery side to match). There is nothing "wrong with him." He is absolutely "right in the head."

Do I even need to mention that I pulled him from the school THAT DAY?!

By the following Tuesday, he was happily enrolled in the school where I teach, in a lovely new teacher's classroom where she is loving, fair, and kind... AND accepting of my little man and his super youngness (which was the idea behind the whole holding back thing... To give him a grow up year).

There are so many things I want to say to the experienced preschool teacher... So many things unbecoming of a lady or a fellow professional.... But honestly, I will summarize it with this-- don't mess with the queen of the world or her children. Ever.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Dude, where's the time gone?

My baby is starting preschool in January. Y'all, how?!! Did I not JUST have him?! Seriously. His therapist did "the test" on him to show his "age"... you know the one. I haven't heard the results yet (she forgot to bring the book to score it), but yikes. Kid was cray cray during his test. He wanted very little to do with any of the tasks. I KNOW the school where he'll attend is a great one. I've heard NOTHING but great things about the classes, the teachers, etc. As a teacher, I have probably had workshops and such with half of the teachers. But I'm scared to death for him. Because he can't fend for himself at all. He can't verbalize if something is wrong, not to his teachers or his bus driver or to me. The preschool he'll attend is ONLY preschool (as in, there are no other grades at the school), so I probably don't have to worry about bullying or anything yet (although, dude can hurt ya! He has throwable toys and he knows how to use 'em!), but I hate the fully vulnerable feeling I have. I'm going to do a tour of his preschool soon. I know he's going to have tons of fun with his new friends. But guys.... my baby is starting preschool in January. :(

Friday, August 17, 2012

Lemons and such...

Remember my last post? The one with my classroom pictures? Did you notice that everything in that room was third grade? Cursive, multiplication, five hardback textbooks in each desk, names taped to the tops of the desks, third grade overviews on reach desk...the whole nine yards. Everything was ready. The parents and kids were showing up for the meet and greet at 5PM. Twas the night before the first day of school.

And then, I got moved back to first grade at 4:45PM.

So, I met and greeted parents and their 6 year olds in my third grade classroom, explained everything, then called reinforcements (big M) to come help me change 3rd into 1st. And we did our best.

So this morning, I had 26 six-year-olds sitting in a-little-too-tall desks...cursive gone and print back up, multiplication gone and number charts back up, third grade mature stuff gone, primary stuff back up.

And we had a great time today.

Lemons, ya know?

Friday, July 27, 2012

'Cul and other things

So much for my promise to update more. My summer is almost over. We have spent most of it in the back yard swimming, although the last few weeks have been in the house because it's juuuust a tad hot outside.

The Dylanator has been a busy bee lately. My mom came to watch the boys all week last week while I had a workshop, and Dylan decided that Neena Week = great time to FINALLY start walking with a push toy. He acted like he'd been doing it his entire life, but his therapist and I had been trying to get him to do that for MONTHS! He thinks he's big stuff now, and he walks through the house like a lightning bolt with that push toy! We were so excited to show Mrs. Cheryl (his therapist) his newfound skill unlocked by Neena, but she had a family emergency and wasn't able to come. By the way, if you could keep her and her family in your prayers, I know she would appreciate it.

Dylan's vocabulary is starting to develop a little. He can't say much, but some things come out clear as a bell: No, Mine, and STOP IT! :) Also, if the doorbell rings/someone knocks/a phone rings, he'll say "who's/what's that?!" But my very favorite thing he says is 'Cul. Can you guess what that means? ...... It's what he calls his brother Michael! He can't say all of Michael, only the last syllable. Cul. :) And my oh my, does my little man want to be just like his big brother! It works to my favor a lot... If he won't eat, I can say "eat your sandwich/chicken/whatever like 'Cul!" and he'll take a look at his big brother, then do whatever Michael's doing. He follows 'Cul around like a little lost puppy, much to Michael's dismay sometimes. He thinks everything Michael says is hilarious and wonderful.

So I go back to work in 3 short weeks, which means I'll be in my classroom getting things together soon. I am looking forward to a new year.

Little m is a wealth of random knowledge, but sometimes he blows us away with things he knows. And he asks the best questions..sometimes to gain more random knowledge, and sometimes to just be silly (like can a kangaroo live in our backyard?).

We're very much looking forward to the opening ceremonies of the Olympics tomorrow... My favorite events are gymnastics and swimming. What are your favorites?

I guess that's about it. I will try to have pictures next time. 
Why yes, I do realize how boring I've become. Old age and whatnot. I'm embracing my boring. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Testing, testing, one two three!

Just downloaded the blogger app. Maybe now it won't be 30 years between posts (probably not).

To catch you all up on As The World Turns, QOTW Edition... School's out, I'm teaching 3rd grade next school year, little Michael is a 3-year-old class graduate, and well be going on to the 4 year old class next school year. (yes, he should be starting kindergarten, but I've made the executive decision that I didn't want my son to start college at 17, so he will do another year of preschool now while he loves being in preschool and be 18 when he heads off to Harvard...or, you know, whatever school he chooses [Harvard]). The Dylanator is independently standing now (pulls himself up off the floor to a stand without using something to help him pull up and stands for about 30-45 seconds) but is not walking yet. He has some Sure Step orthotics, which he hates and strongly protests against. And he says NO and/or shakes his head as much as he breathes.

You're caught up.

We went to the zoo the other day, and then to Ada, OK to visit my family. I noticed 2 things... People are very...stare-y...and big m is VERY sensitive to this. Throughout our Ds journey, big m has really been my rock. He very quickly accepted D's diagnosis, and often was my strong shoulder while I cried, worried, etc about things. I've never really had to be his shoulder in this because he has gone with the flow so easily. But this last weekend, I noticed he was pointing out people who were staring left and right, saying things like "man, she/he has a staring problem," or "you'd think nobody here has ever seen a baby with Down syndrome before." And it hit me...where I've read other Ds blogs and become friends with people who have children with Ds, made peace with things and understand that people mean no harm by staring, they're just curious, big m has not. He holds things in while being my rock.

He just loves our boy so much.


I have no idea where the pictures will show up, so I'll just day the pic in the back of the pickup are the boys at the Armed Forces Day parade in May. Then there's a pic of D with his summer 'do.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Long time, no blog.

So what's up, Blog-land?

I've kind of enjoyed the (short) hiatus from this. I go through spurts where I feel really crappy because I don't belong to a Ds community. I have no idea what anyone's talking about when they say "this has been going around in the Ds community...". In a way, that's awesome, because I don't love The Dramaz. But in a way, that means I don't know how to belong with people who have something major in common with me. Weird.

But I didn't start this blog as a Ds blog... I had this blog before I even got pregnant with little Michael. So it doesn't have to be my main focus. And I don't have to ONLY identify with other Ds mothers. So there.


So the Dylanator decided a few weeks ago to pull to a stand... and has now decided that ANYTHING that stands still = something for him to pull up on. What a fast learner he is, once he finally decides to try. And he's added a new word to his arsenal... "up." There are only a handful of words he'll say in context... Dada, Mama, No, Hi, Bye... and now UP. I think he's proof positive that I haven't been wrong in NOT forcing a ton of therapies on him-- he likes to wait til he's good and ready. I like to think he's putting it all together in his head... working out the pros and cons, figuring out the details of things, BEFORE he gives it a shot.

Did I mention he's also trying to climb on things? Hiking that little leg up and pulling as hard as he can with those little arms.

PS: His rendition of Twinkle Twinkle?? Oh. My. Heavens. You will fall over dead from all the cuteness.

In crappier news, Dylan was hospitalized for 4 days (three nights) with severe dehydration recently. He had a sudden, violent stomach virus. I'm talking, THE worst I've ever seen. It started with throwing up every 5-10 minutes for several hours. Then it finally slowed down to maybe once or twice an hour (ya know, once it was nothing but bile and horrible wretching sounds that produced almost nothing?). It was an almost solid 12 hours of puking. I was up with him literally all night long. The next day was a no-puke day, but he refused to eat or drink, which he so desperately needed to do. By the next day, he was so lethargic and weak. I took him to his doctor, thinking she'll probably send us to the hospital for an IV for a little while. I didn't realize she would want to keep us overnight... and I didn't realize that my son's stubbornness and refusal to eat/drink would actually make us stay 3 extra days. But we finally got sprung from the joint on a Saturday.

In little M news, he caught a mild version of the flu about a week or so after Dylan was hospitalized... he passed it to me, but luckily nobody else in the house got it.

Lysol? Our bff.

Little M also played basketball for the first time this winter. Did I mention that already? He was 100% not interested in actually learning how to play basketball. But he loved running around the court like a mad man, pretending to be an airplane, hiding behind the goal, sitting in his assistant coach's lap (she's very pretty) while he was on the bench, and getting a snack afterwards. He got his first trophy, and he was SO proud! He was pretty convinced only HE was going to get a trophy, not his teammates (I guess he thought he was MVP? ha!), but he wasn't too disappointed when everyone else got one too.

What else? Oh yeah, little m got stung by a scorpion the other day. It was in his shoe. He was being his normal self, lollygagging at our busiest and most rushed time- the morning. So I made him just bring his shoes to the car so I could put them on him when he got in his seat. The first one went on fine. But when the second one got on his foot, he screamed a blood curdling scream, which was closely followed by huge tears, snot, and drool, and the most pathetic cry/scream combination you've ever heard. I yanked his shoe back off, and lo and behold, the little lobster-wannabe scurried out. Poor little m. :( If you've never been stung by a scorpion in Southwest Oklahoma, you should know they're not poisonous... well, I mean, I guess some people could react to it like some react to bee stings, but little m was not allergic and did not react. The sting just hurts like the devil, and you feel heat in it for quite a while.

When we dropped Dylan off at grandma's for the day, and little m cried and told grandma his sad story, she put some (more) medicine on it (although we both knew that it wouldn't matter... they just hurt til they don't hurt anymore, really) and (another) bandaid on it. Then, in the evening, she came over to the house and brought him a new pair of shoes (some Ske.chers with some scary vampire-like teeth on them) and told him they were for stomping scorpions over and over and over and over again! He was so excited.

In ME news, I'm on Spring Break starting at 3:45PM today. Woohoo!

I think that's about it. How 'bout you guys?