Friday, March 16, 2012

Long time, no blog.

So what's up, Blog-land?

I've kind of enjoyed the (short) hiatus from this. I go through spurts where I feel really crappy because I don't belong to a Ds community. I have no idea what anyone's talking about when they say "this has been going around in the Ds community...". In a way, that's awesome, because I don't love The Dramaz. But in a way, that means I don't know how to belong with people who have something major in common with me. Weird.

But I didn't start this blog as a Ds blog... I had this blog before I even got pregnant with little Michael. So it doesn't have to be my main focus. And I don't have to ONLY identify with other Ds mothers. So there.


So the Dylanator decided a few weeks ago to pull to a stand... and has now decided that ANYTHING that stands still = something for him to pull up on. What a fast learner he is, once he finally decides to try. And he's added a new word to his arsenal... "up." There are only a handful of words he'll say in context... Dada, Mama, No, Hi, Bye... and now UP. I think he's proof positive that I haven't been wrong in NOT forcing a ton of therapies on him-- he likes to wait til he's good and ready. I like to think he's putting it all together in his head... working out the pros and cons, figuring out the details of things, BEFORE he gives it a shot.

Did I mention he's also trying to climb on things? Hiking that little leg up and pulling as hard as he can with those little arms.

PS: His rendition of Twinkle Twinkle?? Oh. My. Heavens. You will fall over dead from all the cuteness.

In crappier news, Dylan was hospitalized for 4 days (three nights) with severe dehydration recently. He had a sudden, violent stomach virus. I'm talking, THE worst I've ever seen. It started with throwing up every 5-10 minutes for several hours. Then it finally slowed down to maybe once or twice an hour (ya know, once it was nothing but bile and horrible wretching sounds that produced almost nothing?). It was an almost solid 12 hours of puking. I was up with him literally all night long. The next day was a no-puke day, but he refused to eat or drink, which he so desperately needed to do. By the next day, he was so lethargic and weak. I took him to his doctor, thinking she'll probably send us to the hospital for an IV for a little while. I didn't realize she would want to keep us overnight... and I didn't realize that my son's stubbornness and refusal to eat/drink would actually make us stay 3 extra days. But we finally got sprung from the joint on a Saturday.

In little M news, he caught a mild version of the flu about a week or so after Dylan was hospitalized... he passed it to me, but luckily nobody else in the house got it.

Lysol? Our bff.

Little M also played basketball for the first time this winter. Did I mention that already? He was 100% not interested in actually learning how to play basketball. But he loved running around the court like a mad man, pretending to be an airplane, hiding behind the goal, sitting in his assistant coach's lap (she's very pretty) while he was on the bench, and getting a snack afterwards. He got his first trophy, and he was SO proud! He was pretty convinced only HE was going to get a trophy, not his teammates (I guess he thought he was MVP? ha!), but he wasn't too disappointed when everyone else got one too.

What else? Oh yeah, little m got stung by a scorpion the other day. It was in his shoe. He was being his normal self, lollygagging at our busiest and most rushed time- the morning. So I made him just bring his shoes to the car so I could put them on him when he got in his seat. The first one went on fine. But when the second one got on his foot, he screamed a blood curdling scream, which was closely followed by huge tears, snot, and drool, and the most pathetic cry/scream combination you've ever heard. I yanked his shoe back off, and lo and behold, the little lobster-wannabe scurried out. Poor little m. :( If you've never been stung by a scorpion in Southwest Oklahoma, you should know they're not poisonous... well, I mean, I guess some people could react to it like some react to bee stings, but little m was not allergic and did not react. The sting just hurts like the devil, and you feel heat in it for quite a while.

When we dropped Dylan off at grandma's for the day, and little m cried and told grandma his sad story, she put some (more) medicine on it (although we both knew that it wouldn't matter... they just hurt til they don't hurt anymore, really) and (another) bandaid on it. Then, in the evening, she came over to the house and brought him a new pair of shoes (some Ske.chers with some scary vampire-like teeth on them) and told him they were for stomping scorpions over and over and over and over again! He was so excited.

In ME news, I'm on Spring Break starting at 3:45PM today. Woohoo!

I think that's about it. How 'bout you guys?


Jenny said...

Shut up! He got stung by a scorpion!!!! That's insane! So you are probably going to laugh, but I thought scorpions only lived in Mexico, lol...ya, anyway...

Glad to hear everyone is getting over the sickness. I swear when one person so much as sneezes in this house Brad has the place Lysoled to death within seconds! Ever since the swine flu he has been Lysol obsessed!!

Dylan sounds like he is just moving along nicely...And I am always happy to know there are other Moms out there who do not insist on cramming a shit load of therapies into a week...I just really feel kids get there on their own time, when they are ready...I am a tiny bit Anti -therapy, and therefore the worst Ds Mom out there I'm sure...sigh...ah well.

Oh and you should be more connected with the Ds community because you said you were going to be my blog bashing partner remember?? Haha

RobandKathy Gandy said...

Yeah!! A new post from Amy, Queen of the World! ;o) Loved reading about D's new skilz. What a champ! It sounds like he had the virus from h... bless his heart! When I read about little M's scorpion sting, I wanted to cry...bless HIS heart...then I heard my mom saying, "Always shake your shoes out before you put them on". I read somewhere that being a parent is "agreeing to have your heart walk around outside of your body forever". That is SO true. Nothing hurts worse than seeing a child suffer. Hang in there, Queen Amy. You're a great mommy!

Erin said...

i feel like that was alot of great updates on Dylan!!! YAY big boy! The thought of a scorpion kinda freaks me out!! glad he was ok.

Allyson said...

Cole, too, thinks he is the only one worthy of a trophy!

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