Thursday, June 21, 2012

Testing, testing, one two three!

Just downloaded the blogger app. Maybe now it won't be 30 years between posts (probably not).

To catch you all up on As The World Turns, QOTW Edition... School's out, I'm teaching 3rd grade next school year, little Michael is a 3-year-old class graduate, and well be going on to the 4 year old class next school year. (yes, he should be starting kindergarten, but I've made the executive decision that I didn't want my son to start college at 17, so he will do another year of preschool now while he loves being in preschool and be 18 when he heads off to Harvard...or, you know, whatever school he chooses [Harvard]). The Dylanator is independently standing now (pulls himself up off the floor to a stand without using something to help him pull up and stands for about 30-45 seconds) but is not walking yet. He has some Sure Step orthotics, which he hates and strongly protests against. And he says NO and/or shakes his head as much as he breathes.

You're caught up.

We went to the zoo the other day, and then to Ada, OK to visit my family. I noticed 2 things... People are very...stare-y...and big m is VERY sensitive to this. Throughout our Ds journey, big m has really been my rock. He very quickly accepted D's diagnosis, and often was my strong shoulder while I cried, worried, etc about things. I've never really had to be his shoulder in this because he has gone with the flow so easily. But this last weekend, I noticed he was pointing out people who were staring left and right, saying things like "man, she/he has a staring problem," or "you'd think nobody here has ever seen a baby with Down syndrome before." And it hit me...where I've read other Ds blogs and become friends with people who have children with Ds, made peace with things and understand that people mean no harm by staring, they're just curious, big m has not. He holds things in while being my rock.

He just loves our boy so much.


I have no idea where the pictures will show up, so I'll just day the pic in the back of the pickup are the boys at the Armed Forces Day parade in May. Then there's a pic of D with his summer 'do.


Jenny said...

Man your boys are cute! Ya, so, depending on what time of the month it is, I'm not over the stares yet either. Sometimes people just suck...I mean it's a BABY, do you need to stare, or look and then look again...Take a fucking picture it's not a freak show!! Ahem...Sorry, by my comment I suppose I just made it obvious that it is that time of the month! lol

And now that you have the blogger app...I demand you post at least once a week!! HA!

Courtney said...

I can't decide which I like better...the summer 'do or the winter 'do. He wears them both so well!

Sorry about the gawkers. :(

Erin said...

i would love those boys so much too! yay fo the catch up post. i feel like i have 3 month lapses between my posts and i want to do better but im trying to figure out how having a new baby is going to make that easier... probably NOT! hah

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