Friday, July 27, 2012

'Cul and other things

So much for my promise to update more. My summer is almost over. We have spent most of it in the back yard swimming, although the last few weeks have been in the house because it's juuuust a tad hot outside.

The Dylanator has been a busy bee lately. My mom came to watch the boys all week last week while I had a workshop, and Dylan decided that Neena Week = great time to FINALLY start walking with a push toy. He acted like he'd been doing it his entire life, but his therapist and I had been trying to get him to do that for MONTHS! He thinks he's big stuff now, and he walks through the house like a lightning bolt with that push toy! We were so excited to show Mrs. Cheryl (his therapist) his newfound skill unlocked by Neena, but she had a family emergency and wasn't able to come. By the way, if you could keep her and her family in your prayers, I know she would appreciate it.

Dylan's vocabulary is starting to develop a little. He can't say much, but some things come out clear as a bell: No, Mine, and STOP IT! :) Also, if the doorbell rings/someone knocks/a phone rings, he'll say "who's/what's that?!" But my very favorite thing he says is 'Cul. Can you guess what that means? ...... It's what he calls his brother Michael! He can't say all of Michael, only the last syllable. Cul. :) And my oh my, does my little man want to be just like his big brother! It works to my favor a lot... If he won't eat, I can say "eat your sandwich/chicken/whatever like 'Cul!" and he'll take a look at his big brother, then do whatever Michael's doing. He follows 'Cul around like a little lost puppy, much to Michael's dismay sometimes. He thinks everything Michael says is hilarious and wonderful.

So I go back to work in 3 short weeks, which means I'll be in my classroom getting things together soon. I am looking forward to a new year.

Little m is a wealth of random knowledge, but sometimes he blows us away with things he knows. And he asks the best questions..sometimes to gain more random knowledge, and sometimes to just be silly (like can a kangaroo live in our backyard?).

We're very much looking forward to the opening ceremonies of the Olympics tomorrow... My favorite events are gymnastics and swimming. What are your favorites?

I guess that's about it. I will try to have pictures next time. 
Why yes, I do realize how boring I've become. Old age and whatnot. I'm embracing my boring. :)


Jenny said...

Aw, "Cul"...I love it! And I can just picture him running through the house like a wild maniac with his push toy! lol...And I think it's great that his favorite words are "Mine" and "Stop it" hahaha

I only watch gymnastics...just in case you wanted to know!

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