Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Dude, where's the time gone?

My baby is starting preschool in January. Y'all, how?!! Did I not JUST have him?! Seriously. His therapist did "the test" on him to show his "age"... you know the one. I haven't heard the results yet (she forgot to bring the book to score it), but yikes. Kid was cray cray during his test. He wanted very little to do with any of the tasks. I KNOW the school where he'll attend is a great one. I've heard NOTHING but great things about the classes, the teachers, etc. As a teacher, I have probably had workshops and such with half of the teachers. But I'm scared to death for him. Because he can't fend for himself at all. He can't verbalize if something is wrong, not to his teachers or his bus driver or to me. The preschool he'll attend is ONLY preschool (as in, there are no other grades at the school), so I probably don't have to worry about bullying or anything yet (although, dude can hurt ya! He has throwable toys and he knows how to use 'em!), but I hate the fully vulnerable feeling I have. I'm going to do a tour of his preschool soon. I know he's going to have tons of fun with his new friends. But guys.... my baby is starting preschool in January. :(