Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Don't mess with the QOTW.

So, my oldest son is now in Kindergarten.

Wait, say what?! I thought you held him back and had him do a second year of preschool?! (Said no blog reader.... Just go with me, folks, k?)

As you may know, my son was attending a private preschool for the second year in a row... A rather pricey little place that we felt was the best place for him. It had small classes, an experienced teacher that ran the thing.. The works.

Until I picked up my son one Friday afternoon and found out that the experienced preschool teacher had been making fun of my son and his speech. (He has a habitual stammer... And can I just throw in that it has nearly disappeared since I pulled him? Hmm.) Comments were made like "he's not right in the head" and "there's something wrong with him."

No, there's something wrong with YOU, lady, for saying such things! If you've never met little Michael, you truly are missing out on a funny (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not), intelligent, sweet little boy (with an ornery side to match). There is nothing "wrong with him." He is absolutely "right in the head."

Do I even need to mention that I pulled him from the school THAT DAY?!

By the following Tuesday, he was happily enrolled in the school where I teach, in a lovely new teacher's classroom where she is loving, fair, and kind... AND accepting of my little man and his super youngness (which was the idea behind the whole holding back thing... To give him a grow up year).

There are so many things I want to say to the experienced preschool teacher... So many things unbecoming of a lady or a fellow professional.... But honestly, I will summarize it with this-- don't mess with the queen of the world or her children. Ever.


Jenny said...

No shit! I cannot believe a "professional" would treat a CHILD that way! It would have taken everything in me not to slap the piss out of her! Ug. Glad you pulled him out that day, and it's awesome to hear how well he is doing now!

Erin said...

oh my goodness that makes me so mad for you!!! that is completely uncalled for and you absolutely 100% did the right thing by acting immediately in your sons best interest. he is precious!

Reny said...

I'm glad too, Michael has a teacher now who is GOOD.

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