Sunday, February 17, 2013

Uh, oops!

Sorry for the hiatus... It wasn't intended. I'm just not a great bloggedy blogger.

So Dylanator started preschool in early January. He LOVES it! He is truly the boss in those halls. Everybody seems to really love him, and he seems to love everybody. He enjoys physical therapy... He is already making an amtryke go by himself! We are on a list to hopefully get an amtryke one of these days... Hopefully it'll just be donated to us, because they are very costly! His teacher texts me pictures randomly of his day to day adventures... If I can figure out how to post the pics here I will. Dylan has a newfound love of cartoons (or "tooooons!!") It's pretty funny to grab the remote during his toooons.... "Noooo!!!! Toons! TOOOOONS!!" (Hey, it's communication. We will take it.)

Little Michael is still enjoying kindergarten. He is becoming quite a reader. We are very impressed. Tomorrow is a professional day, but he is going to hang out at school with me. It must be fun to be the teacher's kid!

I can't really think of anything else that's interesting... We are just busy people who are living the day to day... Wake up, go to school/work, come home, do dinner, get folks ready for bed, rinse and repeat. What's happening with you?

Not sure where the pics will show up, but here is Dylanator with a giant dog, Dylanator with marker all over his face, Dylanator at his school dance, Michael smiling hugely, and Michael and me in a snapchat.


newwife said...

Glad your blog is back, even though I see you on FB, love the updates on those two handsome boys of yours!! Jen

Jenny said...

Good to hear Dylan loves preschool, it's cool that his teacher texts you pictures during the day.
Dylan looks so sweet...Love that last picture of you and Micheal too, you both have the same great smile.

Hollie Coote said...
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