Thursday, June 20, 2013

No excuse.

I don't have an excuse for why I haven't blogged in 4 months. It just didn't happen. But lots of stuff has gone on... So let's approach this list-style, yes?

1) school is out. This was one of my very favorite school years. I had an awesome class. 

2) Little m will be heading to transitional first grade next year, which isn't offered everywhere, but it is here. It is all about getting an extra year to mature while getting challenged academically. He did so well in kindergarten (refer back to my post where I moved him from his preschool because of some terrible things the director was saying about him), he was just immature. Almost all trouble he did have stemmed back to him being a full year younger than some of the kids in his class. So t-1 it is. I loved having him at my school, but he will go to another school next year. 

3) The Dylanator will be in his same class again next year. That's good, because we love his teachers and they love him! He is getting so big and his attempts to have conversations are coming more and more frequently. He only says one syllable of multisyllabic words. Usually the second syllable. For instance, my kids call my mom Neena... Dylan says "na." My sister Melissa is "sa." He (and little m both) love reruns of Hee Haw... or "haw" in Dylanese. He can say Dora and backpack very plainly, though. So it's one of those things where he can communicate with me because I know what he's trying to say, but any outsider would be completely lost. Oh, but we ARE now Mommy and Daddy instead of mama and dada! Progress.

4) My dad is very sick. He has IgG kappa myeloma, which is a blood cancer. He's in stage 3. He's staying strong and hanging in there, getting both IV and oral chemos. We are very proud of the fight he's putting up, and we will continue to pray for his strength and healing. I love you, daddy!

5) The husband and I will celebrate 8 years of wedded bliss here pretty quickly. We celebrated 12 years of being together in early June. I deserve some kind of medal here... Heh

6) got my hair chopped. It was touching my butt and driving me crazy. It's now just a little below my shoulders at its longest layer. 

7) eh, the words are boring.  Pictures, anyone?
Little m went fishing for the first time recently. He's apparently a natural, as he caught this bad boy on his first cast! He caught another after this. 
Little m's kindergarten program. They were pirates. It was adorable.
My dad and my babies.
My niece Morgan graduated. She will be off to Oklahoma State University in the fall to follow her dream of being a veterinarian!
Dyl Pickle got an amtryke from Ambucs! He was also on the news! So was his mama.
Dylan also participated in his first special Olympics, and little m got to participate too! They had lots of fun!

My dad and me. 

Anyway, I think that about covers a big chunk of it. Goodnight!


toesunderwood said...

Yeeeaaahhh! The Queen Is Back, Y'all!

Jenny said...

Transitional first grade sounds great! I wish they had something like that here. Instead we just hold the kids back an extra year of kindergarten, which isn't the same. But I plan on doing it with Russell.

Love the picture of Dylan on the bike! And yaay for progress with speech :)...Russell called me "Muh" for the longest time! lol

Sorry to hear about your dad. I will have your family in my prayers.

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