Friday, August 14, 2015

Just an overall update

... because I haven't done one of those in a million years! At least.

School is about to start. I have a 2nd grader, a Kindergartener, and a going-to-grandma's-er. :) Little Michael will start 2nd grade next Friday, and then he will turn 8 a week (and a couple of days) later. He has gotten so tall. He loves Minecraft, Battle Bots, running, riding his bike, swimming, and taking advantage of being nearly 8 and getting to occasionally drink a Dr. Pepper.
Here's this big dude and his mama getting ready to watch Minions.

Dylan is going to Kindergarten this year. This will be his first year in a full day program, and his first school year without his teacher, Miss Angie. I, of course, panicked about this. But then I found out that his teacher is going to be one of my dear friends from my old school, and now I'm super excited! He loves Peppa Pig (he calls her Poppa Pig. ha!), playing with any toy, getting in to things, playing on his Leap Pad, waking up way earlier than anyone else (except his daddy, who leaves for work at 5:30am), and taking advantage of that time by locking up my phone, playing on his brother's kindle, getting grapes out of the fridge, getting completely naked, etc. He also has a love of saying "GD" (except... the actual words...) because a boy on the bus taught him that. We haven't been able to break it just yet. He's potty training, but he's not anywhere near the finish line on that, yet. He has been stuck in terrible twos/threes for a few years now. Just when I am about to pull all of my hair out, he turns on his charm and becomes my sweet, loving, cutie pie who says, "I love you too, Mommy!" (even when I don't say it first, it still contains "too.")
Here's my guy playing at his friend Jesse's birthday party... the first one he has ever been invited to! It was a good time.

 Chase David turned 15 months old today! He is a CLIMBER. He climbs on any and every thing. The other two weren't major climbers. They climbed a little, but they seemed to understand some boundaries. Not Chase! If it's semi-steady, he thinks he's supposed to climb on it. Or use it as a step-stool to something even higher. He is our big eater, too! Our other two are finicky eaters... not this guy! He and Dyl can clear about the same amount at lunch time.
He does what he wants.

 Me? I'm getting ready to start my 12th year of teaching. I'll be teaching 3rd grade again this year. Big Michael is working and doing his lawn care business, and he's doing such a great job. So... that's an update on us. What's new with you??


Jenny said...

Always love your updates...Can't believe our boys are in Kindergarten this year!! Ah, and I hear ya on that feeling of being stuck in the toddler phase for years on end...I can't count how many times I have been in tears and just plain exhausted over Russell's behavior and depressed thinking I have been doing this for almost six years now *sigh*...But then, just like Dylan he turns on that charm...And we keep going...

Good to hear you are all doing well, like I said I love reading your updates cause I'm nosy like that! Ha!

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