Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Bad words

So... I am not really a "member" of the Down syndrome community. I don't know, I've never really felt at home there, I guess. But I'm starting to need other parents and their expertise because The Dylanator? He's somewhat of a.... potty mouth.

Last school year, when he rode a bus to preschool, there was a boy on the bus who yelled "GD" (except, the real deal) the entire trip to school. Dylan picked that up, and has used it ever since. We have tried several forms of consequences and punishments for using such language, but nothing has helped... it, in fact, seems to fuel his fire.

This school year (he's in kindergarten), he has a classmate that yells "F YOU" (except, again, the real deal) all the time, and he has picked THAT up.

I WOULD look on the bright side and be happy that he didn't pick up these words from my husband and me, BUT, the general public doesn't know that. He had a substitute teacher once, and that sub flat out told my husband that it was his fault Dylan talks the way he does. "Well, maybe if you didn't use such language at home around him, he wouldn't talk like that." (I STILL want to find her and throat-punch her.)

Also? He's teaching Chase (his almost-2-year-old-brother) these words.

SO, Internet... Down syndrome community... people out there in the world.... how do you make a child with Down syndrome stop using bad language?? He does it because of the reaction, and we know that, so we try our hardest not to react... but that doesn't always work, either. Sometimes that just fuels his fire.

Anything to make this face stop with his potty mouth.
(He's grown a lot since this picture was taken. I need to take more pics of the little turkey leg!)