Thursday, April 13, 2017

Oh. Has it been a year?

A year can fly by so quickly when you're busy with life. And three boys. And all that.
So what's been up, blog land? Not that anybody still reads these, probably. It's a little bit sad to realize that blog days are almost over, because they were a pretty big thing there for a while. A lot of my life and my family members' lives were documented on this thing.

So.... an update on life!

Michael is now 9... he will be 10 in August. I can't believe that he wasn't even thought of just yet when I started this thing. Now he's heading to double digits. He's tall, funny, smart, sensitive, and a great big brother.

Dylan is now 7. He is SUCH A MONSTER. He says bad words, adding to his arsenal at every opportunity he can (and none of them have come from home! What is this world coming to?). He fights with his brothers as much as he breathes. But we love him to itty bitty pieces, and you can't help but fall for this little ornery thing.
(Dylan and his buddy at Special Olympics this year)
Chase is going to be 3 next month. He is a super smart, super clever, super funny little person. Nobody can get over how well he talks or how clever he is. He has to keep up with his big brothers, that's for sure. 
(Chase was not so sure about this mobile children's museum we visited...)

As for me? Still teaching. Still chasing boys around. Still trying to take my 3 monkeys out in public by myself on occasion, and still remembering that that's not a very smart idea. Still wishing for summer time. Still counting down the days, but also wishing time would slow down because my little people are getting giant.